Purdue Back In the Big Ten Baseball Tournament

Purdue Plays in the Big Ten Baseball Tournament For the First Time Since 2012

It is hard to believe, but the last time Purdue was in the Big Ten Tournament they won it all. That 2012 year was special, and I remember sitting next to my wife watching it wondering why we weren’t there. I said that day that I would go next year to see Purdue play. By the next year I was shooting the games on the field, but the attrition from the juniors and seniors leaving were too much for Purdue to overcome. In 2014 I shot nearly every game for the team, but they did not make the tournament. Fast forward to this year, and a new approach bringing this team to life. They have been very fun to watch play this season whether on TV or in person. They made it back into the tournament, but they don’t want to just be there.

Responding Like a Champ

I will be honest here. The first inning yesterday was brutal. An error and a scary play in the outfield helped Nebraska sprint out to a 4-0 lead. Some teams that have just broken a long postseason streak may have just packed it in. It was enough just to make it into the tournament. Purdue is not that team, and that is why they are so fun to watch. They stormed back with five runs in the top of the second to take the lead. This team will fight you to the end, and that is why they are here in Bloomington.

Rain Is The One Constant On Day One Of The Big Ten Baseball Tournament

All day long it rained. I watched all three games, and rain was a part of all of them. It seemed like it rained the hardest at the end as Purdue was finishing up their game. One good thing is that I have rain gear for my equipment. I say that because I love shooting in the rain. On a night like last night with the overhead lights illuminating the rain it made for some cool photos. Here Skyler Hunter runs to first during the downpour. This photo would probably have not made the gallery without the rain. With the rain though I made it a featured photo. The rain also made the base paths fun to watch. You have to start your slide very early with the turf as wet as it was.

Tip Your Cap

Late in the game Alec Olund smacked a ball to right field that looked like it might have a chance. I panned over to see if it would go over the wall. I saw the right fielder looking like he had a bead on it so I stayed with him. It came at a time when Purdue had a little momentum on their side, and I wondered if he would put his head down as the ball went over the wall. No such luck though as on the run he leapt up and snagged the wall saving a two run homer. It was a great play that was pretty critical at the time. The lead would have been cut to one I believe with the dinger, and Purdue would have had a little mo on their side.

This Game Is Fun

Baseball is a fun game. The players have time to have a little fun in between plays and innings. As the Boilers prepare to face with is now an unknown opponent they play with the tournament on the line. The good news is that they will face either Iowa or Maryland who will have just completed a game. Both teams are tough, but it would have to feel like extra innings for whatever team loses the first game. I think if Purdue can play hard and loose they can advance to play again tomorrow.


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