Purdue Takes On Maryland In The Big Ten Tournament

Purdue Ends Their Season Against Maryland

Last night the Purdue season ended with a loss against Maryland. It was not the finish that the team was looking for, but they certainly proved a lot of people wrong this year. They far exceeded expectations, but that is also why the loss was so hard to take. They play so hard that I selfishly wanted to see more of that.

The Will To Win

Part of what made this team so fun to watch was the fact that they never gave up. They played a hard and fast version of the game all of the time. That is why with two outs in the ninth inning I thought that I might be seeing something special happening. They started a rally and really needed one more big hit to extend the game. Baseball is a funny sport though, and sometimes that well hit ball goes right to a fielder.

Pre Game Portraits

Before the game started I was having some fun with my wide angle on the field. I found a couple of moments that were nearly portraits oft the athletes that I liked. I also made some tight shots with my 400mm that I liked as well. These thing are rarely planned, and come down to who is standing in the sweet spot for the lens.

Exploring Kaufmann Stadium

Part of the fun of the last two days was finding new places to shoot at Kaufmann Stadium. It is a cool stadium with some unique opportunities to make photos. I would have liked at least one more day to try a couple of other things out, but it was not meant to be. I liked working this bullpen shot because normally I would not be allowed in there. It was only due to the fact that a third of that bullpen was a camera well that I was able to. The sky cooperated yesterday allowing me to go a little lower and include more of it in my frame.

More Photos From the Game

I forgot to post the link to the Exposure gallery from Wednesday’s game. You can find the link to the photos from last nights game here. Last night I had much more fun shooting as I felt that I could get more of my gear out to photograph the game. The night before in that downpour I pretty much just went to the 400mm as it was raining so hard. Last night I had my 400 with me, but I also had my 70-200mm and my 24-105 on each side of me. The nice light also let me play around a little as well.


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