Nashville By Night

A Stormy Nashville Skyline

Last May the games that I was covering for the NCAA Tournament were all cancelled because of weather. With a long day looming the following day I would have been smart to head to my hotel to get some rest. Instead I made my way downtown to check things out. The drunken crowds on Broadway were a bit too much for me so I tried to find a quiet spot. I found just that on a bridge with a great view of the city. As I started over the bridge I saw this scene. I loved the way the city unfolded before me here as well as the fast moving storm clouds overhead. The clouds really picked up the city’s light well. This was one of my favorite photos from that night.

Waiting For The Right Time To Post

This was a photo that I liked a lot. I did not post it right away as I had so much going on at the time. I actually thought that this was a great candidate to use with a third party program that would animate the sky. I contacted the company about getting a trial version to review, and this was one of the photos that I was going to use in the review. The company never did get back to me, but they did put me on a spam email list. After waiting nearly a year I will finally post the photo on the blog. Waiting was actually a good thing here as I found a new way to process the photo while I waited. It is a little over the top, but I think it fits the scene very well. This photo has technically been on the blog before, but just in my year end countdown of my favorite photos of 2016 that you can find here.

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