Navy Pier and the Chicago Skyline

Navy Pier and the Chicago Skyline

This was the one photo that I had in mind when I was headed to Chicago. This was a family trip, and I knew that I wouldn’t be out much making photos. Sunday morning was one day when I knew that I could get up early before anyone else to go out and make some images. With Navy Pier being so close it only made sense to head there to make some photos. The day before we had lunch at Navy Pier, and I did a little scouting. The sky was perfect for this shot then, but at that time the buildings would have been backlit making it a little harder. I also did not want to take off and land with all of the people around there. It made sense to wait until the next morning to make my photo.

Back Where It All Began

Navy Pier is where this whole photography thing really began. In June of 2011 I took a very basic course there that woke me up. I had spent about a decade just shooting in the same mode with my camera wondering why sometimes my photos where better than other times. A course here gave me the confidence to get out and make things my own. It was during a break that day when I made plans to head to Lafayette to fill in for a week at a local business. That turned into a full time job that allowed me to move back to West Lafayette. I have been saying that it is kind of fun as I revisit some of my early photography targets with my drone. I didn’t even think of this until I was walking back down the pier after the shoot. We all want to see the places that we like in a different way, and the drone allows me to do that.

Flying on Facebook Live

I have used the Facebook live option of the drone sparingly since I bought it. I usually go live when I think that I am somewhere interesting to other people. This shoot fit that bill just fine. Above is the video saved to YouTube from that shoot Sunday morning. If you follow along on my Facebook page you can see the photos that I made as they are made in the video.

The Week In Photos

Last week was not a sports heavy week as some have been since I started my weekly posts. Last year I remember looking at different sports schedules and panicking because I wouldn’t have much for the weekly post. I think a year ago I measured my worth as a photographer by how many sporting events I could shoot in a week. That is not a good business model though for me currently. Last week was probably close to what I need to be doing. You can view some of my favorite photos from last week here.


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