Purdue Softball Wins Home Opening Doubleheader

A Great Day For Some Softball

I don’t know that you could have asked for a better March day to open the season. I made a couple of photos from centerfield during the National Anthem and the 1st inning, and then late in the game went back out as some more interesting clouds came in with the lights on. I don’t often get to shoot outdoor sports in shorts and t-shirt, but yesterday was one of those days. With the unknown nature of the rest of the weekend it was nice to have at least one good day in this week.

The Moments Between the Moments

When I am shooting a game it is easy to get wrapped up in just getting the action. Sometimes the best moments come in between the moments of action though. Here Maya Hughes shares a moment after a triple in the first game. This team seems to really be having fun out on the diamond, and that loose play led to some good shots today.

The Emotion of It All

One great thing about photographing softball is the emotion. Each pitch can lead to players yelling, and a strikeout can be great for emotion as well. You can quickly tell which players you need to focus on for these shots in the first inning. As the tension of the game ratchets up so does the emotion on each pitch. I love capturing emotion, and the intimacy of the softball diamond allows that to be done pretty easily.

A New Way To Perform An Old Trick

Normally when I start making multiple exposures I use them to show the pitching motion, or some other kind of motion. I try and keep my camera as still as possible while the player moves through my viewfinder. Yesterday I tried something a little new by using the multiple exposure feature to put two separate images together. Earlier in the game I was positioning myself to get the fielders with the large motion p’s in the outfield behind them. During the second game I was using the multi exposure function to do the same thing, but for places that I couldn’t get that angle for. I am still not sure if it worked or not, but it was fun to play around with.

Slowing Down the Shutter

Once again as I started getting a little bored I went to the tried and true game of how slow can I go. This was actually the last photo that I made on the night. I was at 1/25th of a second, and I knew that with the fastest player on the team up that I had to get something. Maya would later go on to score the game winning run in game two on a walk off inside the park bunt.

A Central View

During the first game I went out to my car to get my 400mm lens and my Canon 7D Mark II. This combination gives me the equivalent of a 640mm lens. I probably could have thrown my 1.4x converter on it as well, but I wanted to be able to shoot plays at second base if they occurred. I like this view, and after shooting the batters for a couple of times through the order the conventional way I went out to get something different. I think this view is pleasing to the eye because it is the view we are used to seeing when we watch softball or baseball on TV. A few photos from dead on in center are a good way to mix up the gallery a little.

More Photos From the Games

You can find my gallery from the games here. This was my first chance to photograph softball this season. I wanted to get out and make sure all the rust was out of my system. I shot most of the first game like I would any other game. I moved around and tried to be in the right position to cover the game at all times. As the second game started I really was playing around with lens and camera combinations. I really wanted to try out the Canon 300mm f/4 lens that I bought over the winter. When I bought it I knew that softball would be one place that it could shine. From what I saw I think that my test today showed that it would be a great lens to have on the diamond. Tomorrow I have two more softball games at Indiana State to really see what I can do with it. They have a field set up much different that Bittinger so it will be fun to come up with some new angles.


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