Grooming the Field

Making Purdue Sports Look Good

One thing that you probably don’t think of when you walk into a stadium is the grounds crew. At Purdue I find myself on many of the outdoor fields, and I always am in awe of them. They have better turf when they pull the blankets off in February than I do in peak season at my house. This isn’t by accident. They work long and hard to make those fields look that good. I went out this morning to make a photo of the softball field with the fresh motion P on it, and ran into the crew putting the finishing touches on the field. I made a few photos of them doing their thing, but I have one in mind that we may have to set up another time.

The Fields of Excellence

For the past four years the crew has won the Fields of Excellence Award for their work on the soccer field. Folk Field is a great place to make photos, and the field is one reason why. You can see that while most people are just getting to work in the morning these guys are already hard at work. That is even on a day when I am sure many of them will be back to work the game tonight.

Fill It Up

Tonight the softball stadium will finally see another game. After a long winter the murmur of the fans and the sound of the crack of the bat will return. To top it all off we even get a doubleheader to start the home season off. Let’s play two!

The Week in Photos

I have put together another collection of my favorite photos from last week on my Exposure site here. This year I have tried to get out more to photograph things away from the sports arena. I think that my weekly look back at my photos has been a little better with that in mind. More side trips like the one the other day allow me to be a little more creative, and to give the blog some fresher content.


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