The 2017 MVC Track and Field Championships Day Two

Emotion Rules the Final Day of the MVC Track and Field Championships

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that the stakes are raised on the final day of the MVC Track and Field Championships. The majority of the races on the first day were prelims setting up finals on Sunday. With that in mind I decided to focus on the action and emotion rather than play around like I did on Saturday. I love being able to capture some of the little moments that happen between the athletes. Some of them like the one above occurred on the podium. These two also had a great moment right after their race as well that I was lucky enough to be there for. That is what keeps me going with this photography thing, and what justifies being away from home for so long.

Working For a Photo

One of my favorite photographers is Joel Sartore. He really does not photograph sports, but rather whatever assignment National Geographic sends him on. He is probably best known for his Photo Ark series of photos. There is a great video featuring his process that will show up on Netflix from time to time. In it he talks about working a photo until you have what you need. During the MVC Track and Field Championships I did that with one photo. Having never shot in the UNI-Dome in the past I went looking for track photos made in the dome. One thing that I noticed was the fact that the American flag was behind the pole vaulters. The photos that I saw had the flag very small in the frame. I spent some of the time on the bus heading to Iowa thinking of a way to make the flag the entire background. I came up with a couple of ideas depending on how the pole vault was set up. During the walk through Friday I didn’t think the photo could happen. The way I envisioned it was way off because the flag was too high, and the pole vault was moved from where it was in the past. I worked it a little Saturday, and I came away with a photo that I liked enough to share on social media. Sunday during a slow period I decided to work on it a little more. I wanted to see a face, and I had yet to make that photo. I had to sit in an amazingly uncomfortable position to make the shot, but in the end I am glad that I did it. I came away with a shot very close to what I envisioned on the bus ride to Iowa. Sometimes you have to really work to make the photo that you have in mind.

Late News is Better Than No News

For the past two weekends I made the choice to not be so current with the blog. I wanted to be able to sit down and spend some time writing the posts instead of shoe horning my writing in to a couple of busy weekends. Those posts written in the moment are always lacking some things that I wish that I had put in. I think that stepping back a little gives me a little time to give a little more insight into an event. I can think a little more clearly on it with a little time between the event and my writing. I have made apologies in the past when my posts have come late from sporting events. From here on out that may just be the norm. I would rather take my time to write something that is decent rather than rush a post just for some quick hits and views. This is not a news site so I think I can get away with doing that.

Looking For More Photos From the Weekend?

You are in luck! I have put together an Exposure page with some of my favorites from the weekend. I had a great time shooting a couple of long days in Cedar Falls, and I knew that I would want to put all of the photos together in one place. You can find that photo story here. These Exposure pages are a great way for me to look back at an event to see what I came away with, and what I could have done better.

The Week in Photos

The last full week of February was a fun one for me. I was able to get some wildlife shooting in along with a good old fashioned drive myself into being lost session. Back when I started to get serious about photography I would just drive somewhere without caring about where I was headed. I did that this past week with one caveat that I still had to head south. The way that I got to my destination was not set in stone though. I would pull off the road when I felt there was something interesting there. Add in a senior night for basketball along with a weekend of emotion, and I have a collection of images from last week that I really like. You can find that Exposure page here.

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