Blue Hour in Germany

Having More Fun in Germany at Epcot

One of the best places to have fun at Epcot is Germany. It is a great place, and we spent some time there during our trip last year. We took two trips in the same year, but Disney is big enough that it didn’t seem like we were seeing the same things over and over. On our first night in Epcot we had a reservation for Biergarten. Of course with a reservation we showed up a few minutes before the time, and then we were put into a line. I normally hate these types of situations, but at Disney it is a chance to explore a bit. I actually made this photo coming back from exploring. Looking up I knew that the blue sky would look great. I originally thought this was a great candidate for an HDR image, but as I was editing it I changed my mind. The details really don’t matter here. I like it more that you are left with a curiosity about what it is.

Evolving Your Art

This was a photo that I would never had made early on in my photography. I would have let the camera meter the scene at first, and of course that would have been something that would not have been up to me. Later I would have done a terrible HDR to this scene with little to no contrast in the scene. Now I have gotten to a place where it is fun to play with light. I try and use it as much as possible to show something different than I saw earlier in the day. This is a shot that you can only get once a day in the park. Why not use the light that you are given?

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