The Old Mill

The Mansfield Roller Mill and Big Raccoon Creek

Yesterday I made a road trip to Indiana State a bit longer taking a new route. The ultimate goal at the end of the trip was to see the wildlife at Goose Pond, but I found some cool things along the way. This old mill in Mansfield, Indiana was one of them. I have heard of the large covered bridges festival, but I have never attended. To me I would want to see the bridges with minimal people around them for my purposes. This was my first trip there, and I realized that I should make a tour of these bridges someday when the conditions are better. I love this scene that is above, and I knew that it would make a good photo. I walked down to the water’s edge to use my dSLR, but I couldn’t get the angle that I wanted. I went back to the car to get the quadcopter to get the view that I needed.

Using the DJI Phantom 4 Pro To Make the Photo

To get this photo I had to take off and almost immediately duck under some power lines. Getting under the lines should be easy, but they really messed with my quadcopter as I went under them. The interference is something to keep in mind. By using the quadcopter I was able to get out over the water to make my photo. This thing really has come in handy even if it was only out for a shot time. I could have spent a lot of time there flying it, but I had to keep moving.

More Photos From the Day

I made a lot of photos yesterday. I had a productive car ride down to Goose Pond, and I really got lucky there as I was pulling away to see a large flock of snow geese. After all of that I finally made it to Indiana State to photograph their senior night. I will have plenty of time to write up those posts as I will be on a long bus ride today with the ISU track team headed to the MVC Championships. If you want a sneak peak at my basketball shots from last night you can see them on my Exposure page here.

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