The Snow Moon Over Purdue University

The Waning Snow Moon Rises Over the Campus of Purdue University

When the snow moon was full I wanted to head down to campus to try something out. I figured out where the best place to be was, and I had my time all set. Things got in the way of making that photo though that night. Two days later I went back to the same spot I was going to be at to give it a try. The moon was not quite full, and it was about an hour and a half later when I made my photo. It was much darker, but I feel that I still was able to make something that I really liked.

Giving the Moon Some Perspective

I learned a lot during my short time setting up this photo. I don’t often photograph the moon with other objects. When you shoot the moon by itself it is very easy to dial in your settings. When you put something else in the frame you really complicate things. The moon is so bright that you really need a well lit subject near the moon. The clock tower seems well lit, but it is nowhere near as bright as the moon. To our eye you can see a lot of detail, but your camera does not have that kind of dynamic range. I had to rely on the power of the RAW file here to get things close to what my eye saw on the scene that night. I like the idea of putting recognizable objects in front of the moon. I will have to see what I can do to light some things up so that they balance with the moon in the future.

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