Indiana State Swimming Defeats Butler

Indiana State Cruises to a Big Win Over Butler

This is the first season of Indiana State swimming. They have started a program from scratch, and they are moving forward to try and build something great. At this point all wins are historic because they are the first ones. I was lucky enough to be there as they won Saturday against Butler. There were two events on campus that day, and both of them of course were at the same time. I shot the beginning of the basketball game, and then drove over to photograph the swim meet. It was a fast meet so I didn’t get as much photographed as I had hoped. I did however make some photos that I liked. It will be interesting to see how this swim team progresses.


The Week In Photos

Last week was full of unexpected events. I shot two events Saturday that I did not plan to as it looked like the weather would keep me in Terre Haute. I was glad for the chance to photograph them though. Sunday I was fully prepared to head to Mackey to see the Purdue women’s team take on Ohio State. I love the blackout game because it is my one chance a year to photograph the team in their away uniforms. I like the different look, and I don’t get a chance to follow the team on the road. A bug of some sort hit in the morning though pretty much ending my day then. I didn’t make it to the game, but I did have a couple of bonus games Saturday to make up for it. You can see my gallery of my favorite photos from last week here.


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