Meet Thor

Thor Joins the Family

Yesterday we added a new member to our family. During the Thanksgiving holiday some talk started about getting a dog. At some point this past weekend when the photos of Thor showed up on the local Almost Home website I think that I knew that we were getting a dog. We went to visit Thor at the shelter, and the kids fell in love with him. We brought him home, and showed him around our house. This is my first time adopting a dog rather than getting a puppy. It takes a little more love at first to help them get used to their new home, but in the end another dog has a good home. I am sure over the next couple of months you will see more images of Thor on the blog here. I went out for a quick shoot with him yesterday afternoon, and realized that I need a much faster camera to capture this fast dog. He was loving the large backyard, and running around at full speed. I think that I will end up with two cameras in the back yard today much like my rig that I took into the enclosure at Wolf Park. We will see what happens. My social media today will be filled with basketball and Thor I imagine.

The Week in Photos

My week last week was very light with the holiday. I had a doubleheader scheduled for Wednesday, but other than that the week was meant to spend with family. Besides the obvious moments during the opening of presents I really did not pick my camera up much. Sometimes you need a little break to get the hunger back. These next couple of weeks historically are when that happens for me. You can see some of my favorite photos from last week here on my Exposure site.

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