Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner

Photographing the Wolves at Wolf Park

When I first started this blog and this photo adventure in 2011 I used Wolf Park quite a bit to try out some techniques. It was there that I learned that I can shoot through a fence without it appearing in my photo. Over the years I have gone less and less to the park. In 2015 I was lucky enough to get inside of the fence to shoot the wolves up close and personal. There was something really amazing about being in with the wolves and sharing their space with them. The wolf is a beautiful creature that almost always looks good. Here the wolf is simply walking towards me, but it turns into something much more with his gesture. I really need to get back out to Wolf Park, and get inside the fencing again. It was a great day that was very rewarding. Nearly two years later I still have pictures to post from the experience.

The Week in Photos

My week last week was very light with the holiday. I had a doubleheader scheduled for Wednesday, but other than that the week was meant to spend with family. Besides the obvious moments during the opening of presents I really did not pick my camera up much. Sometimes you need a little break to get the hunger back. These next couple of weeks historically are when that happens for me. You can see some of my favorite photos from last week here on my Exposure site.


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