Nobow Enjoys a Snack

Another Year With Our Elf on the Shelf

Today is the last day that we will have with our Elf on the Shelf that we call Nobow. Every year he comes to our house on the day after Thanksgiving, and he leaves with Santa tonight. It is fun waking up every morning to see where Nobow has decided to hang out. I made this picture yesterday as Nobow was sitting near the steps with an empty milk and a half eaten cookie. We apparently startled him in the middle of eating the cookie so he did not get to finish his meal. That can be the breaks sometimes when you are an elf I suppose. He needs his nutrition as he has to fly to the North Pole every night to let Santa know how everyone is behaving, and what they want for Christmas. He has a tough job, but it only lasts for about a month. Where he goes from here is anyone’s guess. In the past we have found traces of warm weather clothes that he is packing so I assume he goes somewhere warm to vacation. If you live in the North Pole you probably would too.

The Story of Nobow

Nobow was coming to this house before I was around. The first time that I heard his name it took me a second to figure out what it meant. When it was explained to me it completely made sense. Nobow was named that because he did not have a bow. For around a month every year Nobow gives us an extra face in the house. We look forward to seeing him next year when he flies back into town.

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