Indiana State Defeats Eastern Illinois

Indiana State Defeats Eastern Illinois in a Double Overtime Game

Wednesday night I was in Terre Haute to cover Indiana State for the second game of a men’s and women’s doubleheader. Of course as luck would have it the longest game I covered all year was played on the shortest day of the year. At one point during the first half things did not look good at all for Indiana State. They battled back to take a pretty good lead near the end of the game. Of course as this season has gone for the Sycamores things came down to the last basket. An improbable series of events sent the game into overtime. In the end Indiana State took home the win to head into the Christmas break with a win. On a bad day for Indiana State in general they needed some good news. The two wins in basketball could not heal the pain that the university was feeling, but maybe they could help a little.

Tweaking the Overhead Remote

The first game of the day was a test for me. I set up a remote prior to the women’s game, but with no assistant I could not get a good gauge on my focus. I made an educated guess, and I was pretty close. Close enough that a lot of people would not notice. After I saw the photos though I did notice so I made another trip up into the rafters to tweak the focus a little. With the help of some of the staff I made a small adjustment, and my photos looked much better to me after the second game. I also set up a Pocket Wizard as a relay so that I could make photos during both halves of play. During the first half of the women’s game I was blocked by the large scoreboard in the middle of the arena. I knew when I set the remote up that it would be a problem, but I just wanted the offensive shots. During that game I moved up into the stands for a while and used the remote. I liked the defensive shots much better than the offensive ones so I made a system to allow me to shoot both halves during the second game. I liked the idea of one setup for two games. For the next game in a week against Wichita State I may set up a couple of remotes up over the basket to get a couple of different looks. This is still a learning process, but I am making some interesting pictures along the way. I really only expected a couple of interesting photos from the remote when I set it up. I was amazed at how much action actually occurred in this small space under the basket. Most of the shots the area is actually too busy for me. I love elements of the shot above, but the extra bodies ruin it a bit for me. It was the most unique of those shots though.

One More Game This Year

This year I have one last game left before hanging up the gear for 2016. With that in mind I have already written many posts looking back at my photos from the season. This has been an amazing year with many opportunities. Whenever something has come up that has brought me down a little I have had something else take its place. In that respect this has been a great year that will be hard to top next year. The schedule for 2017 is already filling up with some early dates coming in. This week I also put the first football game on the schedule. I have always wanted to see a game in Knoxville, and next year I will be lucky enough to photograph one. Wednesday’s game for Indiana State will cap a great year.



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