Indiana State Women’s Basketball Rallies to Beat Tulsa

Indiana State Uses a Big Third Quarter to Defeat Tulsa

Yesterday I was back in Terre Haute to shoot a basketball doubleheader. I got the kids off in the morning, and then went down to set up some remotes. These doubleheader games can make for a long day. When it is the shortest day of the year that makes it seem even longer. The first half just didn’t seem to be going the way of the Sycamores. It seemed as if something was off. When the third quarter started though Indiana State was ready, and they put up a great quarter to take a lead that they would not relinquish. They played tough basketball to keep balls and possessions alive. This was a fun game to shoot all around. I tried to move around a bit to get some different looks. I also wanted to avoid the stands and just have the court in my frame. In all I think that I had a decent game, but more importantly the team I was shooting for won giving me some nice moments to capture.

A Bird’s Eye View

I have been thinking about setting up an overhead remote here at Indiana State, but things just had not worked out yet. You have to be at the stadium so early to do so that it makes it hard for me at times. I was cutting it close yesterday, but I think my time with the drone made me want to try the overhead shot. I had an idea of what I wanted in my head going into the deal. I did not want a lot in my frame. Of course you can’t control the action so when you set up a remote like this you are really at the mercy of the action. You may not get anything. I have noticed from my seat over the years that the women look up much more when playing the game. I have always wanted to use an overhead remote to cover them, but that is not an option for me in West Lafayette. Here I was able to try it out, and it worked out pretty well for me. It was the first attempt so there are things to tweak, but after the men’s game I will be able to see just how much I will use this in the future. I think this view is underused for the women’s game, and I would like to try it a few more times. Some of the battles looked great with it.


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