The Highlanders Put Up a Great Fight Against Purdue

Photographing a NCAA Basketball Game For NJIT

One of the first gigs that I picked up for the winter season was yesterdays game for the NJIT Highlanders. This game was one where I didn’t know how it would go when I came to the arena. Usually a team like Purdue schedules an easy game just after getting home from a holiday tournament. NJIT had been in Cancun as well, and had travelled a long road to get there. NJIT fought hard the entire game though, and never went away. It took a couple of great individual efforts by Caleb Swanigan and Carson Edwards to help Purdue avoid the loss. Speaking of great individual efforts Damon Lynn scored 33 points on the night most of them in the last 3/4 of the game to keep the pressure on Purdue. He really was a one man wrecking crew at times.

Changing the Gear Up a Little

Last week when shooting for Villanova I was not liking my results in the first half. I ended up staying on the 70-200mm lens a little longer than I usually do. In fact during the second half of that game I put my Canon 1DX on the 70-200mm lens to basically make it my main setup. Yesterday once again I wanted to use my 24-105 as my main lens, but during the first half switched it up again. For some reason I have been liking the tight basketball shots lately, and I have not been getting what I want out of the 24-105. This week I have a couple of games at Indiana State to shoot so I will have a little more time to try and get a good system going. I will also be trying out a couple of remote angles that I have never tried before. This should be a fun week.

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