One Red Seat

Something Red In A Sea of Green

When you visit Fenway Park you quickly see one seat that is not like the others. Out in right field one lone red seat stands out among the sea of green seats. The seat signifies the longest home run hit in Fenway Park history. Of course it was hit by Ted Williams. Just in front of this section of bleachers is a bullpen that was put in to help Williams hit more home runs by shortening the distance he had to hit a ball. The writers quickly dubbed this bullpen Williamsburg. In 1946 Ted Williams hit a home run that cleared Williamsburg by quite a bit. This bomb of a home run went 502 feet. The home run hit a fan sitting in his seat so it was easy to pinpoint where it hit. That seat was then changed, and the longest home run has been celebrated ever since. I thought that this was a great little feature of the park that look great from above.

The Week In Photos

Last week I had a very fun week again making photos. I have made another Exposure page here with my favorite photos from last week. This week we have another fun week with some tournament action which should provide some great images.

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