Purdue Volleyball Wins in Five Sets on the Road Over Indiana

Purdue Wins a Hard Fought Battle Over Indiana

Yesterday I spent the day in Bloomington, Indiana to see Purdue take on Indiana. Purdue looked good early, but ended up dropping set one. They stormed back to win the next two sets before IU won set four forcing a fifth set. The set was neck and neck early on, but Purdue took control. They brought a nice crowd with them, and that crowd seemed to will them to victory. It was a hard fought Big Ten win, but aren’t they all? This is a tough conference with no off nights.

A Look Behind the Scenes With the Team

I followed the team the entire day from their first practice until the final goodbyes were said after the match was over yesterday. I wanted to do a behind the scenes photo story showing the team go through their game day ritual. It was fun watching them prepare for the match, and also to get a little more at ease with the camera. By the time the match started I don’t even know if they knew I was around. You can see my photo story from the day here on my Exposure page. I have wanted to do some of these behind the scenes looks for a while now. It was nice to get out there and do it. You are looking for little moments all day long. It was a long day, but well worth it for the photos I was able to make.

Shooting Inside of University Gymnasium

Last year my experience shooting inside of University Gymnasium cost me a lot of money. I was perfectly happy using my Canon 7D Mark II until that night. I went out and bought a 1DX two days later because of how the 7DII performed in the low light. I basically put it in my bag for the majority of the night. The lighting is not great in the gym, and the cycling of the lights is something that is always a pain. Each photo has to be color corrected which is a huge pain. At the end of the day though you get the job done, and I was happy with my take. I was nowhere near the shutter speed that I would have liked to have been at, but that is part of the game.


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