Villanova Basketball at Purdue

The Defending National Champion Comes to Mackey Arena

Monday night I was in Mackey to photograph Villanova, the defending national champions. I love a big game, and to have one this early in the season was amazing. During the first half at one point it appeared as if the Wildcats would pull away. This Purdue team will scrap though, and they came storming back. The game was in doubt up until the final buzzer. You can’t beat that kind of excitement.

The New Purdue Introductions

This year Purdue introduced an app for your phone that allows you to become part of the introductions. They did not use it during the exhibition game so Monday night was my first time seeing it in person. There are a lot of possibilities to be had here I think. When fully lit the crowd looks amazing. I think that I may have to just come to a couple of games with just this intro in mind. As I was getting ready to shoot the game from my seat I jumped up to make this photo. The light was just too good to let go. This is not the same Purdue athletic department that was around when I moved back from Iowa. They are thinking outside the box, and it is paying off. It will be fun to see what they come up with next. This one will be hard to top though.

On Being Torn

I really am a Purdue fan. No matter what I do that will not change. As the game hung in the balance and Purdue was right there in it I was thinking of a few scenarios. In reality shooting for ‘Nova I would want Purdue to take the lead, and ‘Nova to win it on a buzzer beater. That would give me the most emotion to photograph. Another scenario that went through my mind in the final minute was the possibility of a Purdue buzzer beater. I was across the court from the action, but I liked that idea. I love the classic Jordan over Ehlo look in a situation like that. Seeing the score and time left helps tell the story in one photo. Of course that did not happen. I also wondered if the students would rush the court. I know that many would turn up their noses at the idea saying it would be beneath Purdue to do so. I had a different view of it. Right now Purdue athletics needs a little fun. They need a moment to celebrate. That win would have been a great time for the fans and players to celebrate together. A little fun never hurt anyone.

The Floor Remote

Normally at Purdue I do not use a floor remote. I am in the back row, and I do not have a place to put it. When I am shooting for someone else though I bring it along for a little insurance. Very little of what I make with it will see the light of day. It is there to give a sense of the entire scene, and also bail me out when a ref gets in my way. One great thing about this season is that I have the Canon 5D Mark III to use as my remote camera. That is a great luxury to have. I was only going to use it for the first half, but I ended up taking it back out for the second half as I like the way that it was looking.

Ringing Ears

When I got home Monday night to a quiet house I realized just how loud it was in Mackey. My ears were ringing so bad that I turned on the TV to drown it out. Mackey was absolutely rocking last night. I can only imagine how much fun that is to play in front of. You don’t normally get that kind of juice this early in the season. I hope that I am wrong, but I would guess that we will be into Big Ten play before that kind of noise is heard again.


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