Using the New iPhone 7 Plus Camera(s)


Two New Cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus

I was not among the first to buy the iPhone 7 when it was announced. In fact I missed the announcement entirely. I did watch it after the phone came out though, and I immediately decided to buy the phone. This could be the mobile camera that I have been wanting for a while. I have seen other brands move far ahead of Apple on the camera end, but I have far too much invested in apps and such to switch now. The new phone has two cameras on the back and one on the front. That should be about enough for a phone shouldn’t it?

Using Lightroom Mobile to Get the Most Out of the Phone

I have never really got on the Lightroom Mobile train. When I am out and I need to work on photos badly I usually have my laptop with me. I have never really felt the need to edit during leisure time. I have toyed with Lightroom Mobile a couple of times, but that is about it. With this new phone though I can shoot in RAW through this app. That is a big deal, and one that I will explore a little more. Being able to shoot a RAW image (DNG actually) and edit it in one app is pretty cool.


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