Playing With Fire

Photographing a Fire Dancer

On our last night in Disney this past winter we went to a luau to celebrate the trip. Part of the fun for me was the fact that I was going to get to photograph a fire dancer. Of course by the time he came out to dance my daughter had fallen asleep in my arms. I still managed to make a few good photos of him with one hand while he had his fun. In low light I usually want both hands on the camera to steady it, but here I had to make due with what I had available. Not photographing the whole show also allowed me to enjoy it as well which is what you should do on vacation.

The New Canon 5D Mark IV

Late last night Canon announced their new camera in the 5D series. The 5D Mark IV sounds very impressive from what I have read so far. It is a long time coming, but much needed for myself. My copy of my 5D Mark III which made the photo above has seen better days. It has been dropped, cracked, and is ready to move out of my rotation. I was not going to do that though until the IV came out. Now it sounds like it will ship during the second week of September so maybe my 5DIII can finally get some rest. I really have made many pictures with has lasted me three years. At one time it was my only camera that I would use for jobs. It is still my vacation workhorse camera. The next time I go on vacation I may have a new camera at my side. Are you excited for the new 5D Mark IV?


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