The Basilica of St. Louis, King of France

Finding the Little Things in a Big Town

While I was in St. Louis to cover Arch Madness for Indiana State I had some free time to explore the city. I of course decided to do the most touristy thing and head down to the Arch for some photos early in the morning. On the way to the arch I was people streaming by this little church on the way. I decided to poke my head in to see what it was all about. I love the inside of it, but with the light streaming in from one side like it was I knew that I would make this a black and white photo. There really wasn’t anything that screamed color in the shot so I made sure that I had what I wanted for a cool black and white conversion. There was only one person in the church cleaning it at the time so I waited for them to walk behind one of the columns to make my photo. It is hard to believe that everyone was passing this little church up. I am glad that I decided to stop in.

What Is In the Future For This Blog?

In a week or so I will have been blogging for ten years. That is hard for me to believe. It all started with some nice photos that I made from the stands at a Purdue football game in 2006. I wanted some way to show them off so I picked a blog to post the photos. Over the course of those ten years I have blogged on different platforms and toyed with new ideas for my blog. It started out with a blog called Confessions of a Sports Junkie. When I started getting serious with photography in 2011 I started posting more on this blog, and the Junkie just kind of died off. In early October this little blog will turn five. I have posted at least one photo a day if not more for nearly five years now. Coming up with titles for posts and interesting things to say was hard on day 30 let alone day 1,500. I have been toying with the idea of just posting when I have an event. At times it will be back to the old format of a post a day as I shoot quite heavily at times. I like the idea of having something new everyday though. What do you think? Do you like me showing older pictures when I don’t have a new one to share, or would you rather I just post when I have something new?


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