Sioux Chief 200 at Lucas Oil Raceway

Photographing Racing at Lucas Oil Raceway Again

One track that I love to photograph at is Lucas Oil Raceway. I have been doing so as a fan since 2000. Some of my early racing photos that I liked came from there. Of course it was called IRP at the time, but that really doesn’t matter except when I try and officially use that name today. By the time I made it to the short track in Brownsburg I was already really feeling the heat that day. I wanted to do a lot more than I did, but spending all day in the sun at the big track took a lot out of me. I still made some photos that I liked, but I really took it easy at the track. There was still time to capture moments though. One that I really liked is above just before the ARCA qualifying began. Chase Briscoe the ARCA points leader was very relaxed before it was his time to take to the track. Chase would go on to win his third straight race to really pad his points lead. I love the intimacy that you get shooting these ARCA races. Everyone is great, and they allow you in to capture the moments. I need to photograph another ARCA race this season.

The Week in Photos

As I do every week I have put together some of my favorite photos from the past week into one Exposure post. This week of course is very heavy on the racing photos. In addition to photographing the racing on the big track I also included some of my favorite photos from the ARCA festivities at IRP as well. Here is a look at some photos that I enjoyed from the week.


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