Dinner at the Heston Supper Club

Prime Rib at the Heston Supper Club

When I was much younger we would celebrate big events by heading to the Heston Supper Club just north of LaPorte. The food was good, and it was a great reward for good grades or even becoming another year older. Last night we drove north to join my parents and family at Heston to celebrate my father’s birthday. People drive from all over to this remote area just to have the prime rib. When you have it you know that it is worth the drive. As we were leaving I thought that I would stop quickly and make this photo of the exterior of the building.

A Busy Weekend

This weekend I won’t have any time for road trips as I will pretty much be on one the entire weekend. I will be down in Indy covering a lot of racing. Tomorrow I will be at practice at the Brickyard for the XFINITY Series and the Sprint Cup Series. I will leave in the afternoon to head over to Lucas Oil Raceway to photograph the ARCA series as they have a race on the little track that I used to call IRP. Saturday will be another day spent at the Brickyard covering qualifying and the XFINITY race. Finally Sunday will just be covering the Sprint Cup race at the big track. This will be a fun and hot weekend for me. I will have a lot of photos to share with you before it is all over. Follow me on Instagram at @pinolaphoto and Twitter @pinolaphoto to see some of what I am seeing as it is happening.


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