A Pastel Morning in Ocean City

Here We Are Again at the Ocean City Pier

Once again I find myself wanting to post another photo of the Ocean City pier. The beauty about heading to the pier before first light is seeing the complete transformation of the scene. You go from complete darkness, to a very pastel scene, to the sun rising, and then finally the start of the day. The light is different for each portion to the point I make way too many pictures over the course of the morning. I made a few photos at 24mm while the light was at this point, but I decided to zoom into the pier at 105mm to get this photo. I really liked how it turned out. My 10 stop neutral density filter really helped me smooth out the waves here, and that gives it a much more peaceful look than it would have been if I had stopped the waves with a high shutter speed. My Lee Big Stopper allowed me to keep the shutter open for 20 seconds with quite a bit of light in the sky at the time. I don’t use the big stopper enough. It usually comes out in Ocean City, and then a couple of other times a year. When I bought it I was shooting a lot more landscapes. I really need to get back to that.

Finding a Hobby

One strange thing about me is that my hobby is also photography. This whole thing started off with me shooting for fun on the side of my real job. When I made the leap to just making pictures for a living I kept making pictures on the side. I would make the pictures that I am getting paid for, and then go to some events and make pictures just for fun. That works for a while, but there is something that changes when you are shooting for a client. That extra sense of purpose really drives you a little more. I have been dabbling in some other forms of art lately. Yesterday I went to All Fired Up in West Lafayette to try my hand at painting. It was a very easy beginner painting, but it was also a lot of fun. The beauty about painting over photography is that the sunset always does what you want it to. I may have to keep doing this for a while and see where it takes me. It would be nice to have a hobby other than photography to fall back on. I will admit though that in the process of painting today I made many photos of my step daughter, her work, and my work as we were painting. Photography will always be around somewhere. If you follow me on Instagram you probably have seen a shot of my painting at about the midpoint from yesterday.

The Week in Photos

This week I feel kind of awkward posting my week in photos post on Exposure as it really just contains the same photos from my Prospect League All Star game story.  I took a few out from that story to make my photos of the week this week. Next week will have several events in it as the end of this week is really backloaded. Here is a look at my last week in photos.


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