Epcot at Night

Walking Through Epcot at Night

I enjoyed walking through Epcot when we were there last December. I really enjoyed walking through Epcot at night. The park is really beautiful when the lights come on. Here I found a view that I really liked looking back at Spaceship Earth from across the lake. I wish that I had longer glass with me, but the 24-15mm lens was all that I had. I would have liked to have had my 400mm right then to just get the palm trees silhouetted against Spaceship Earth. I wouldn’t want to lug that 400mm all day long though so the 24-105mm gets the job done here. The colors at night make for a good show.

Walking Around With the 24-105mm

I have really come to use my Canon 24-105mm lens for a lot of what I do. It is an f/4 lens, but with the Canon 1DX I can get away with that at most places that I shoot. The range that the 24-105 gives me is hard to beat. When you are on vacation at a place like Epcot with your kids you can’t really have your big bag of lenses with you. You have to pick one to take for the day. The 24-105 really seems like cheating when I take it. This was my first trip with the lens, and I knew I liked it right away. I bought it just to use on vacations, but it has ended up taking a spot in my everyday bag as well.


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