Sunset at Kokomo Municipal Stadium

Kokomo Municipal Stadium Sunset

The Best Sunsets Come After a Storm

The two days in Kokomo this past week were spent photographing baseball, but also with one eye on the weather. We really lucked out Tuesday for the home run derby. The storms that looked to be all around us did not hit. They did however provide some great clouds right at the right time for an amazing sunset. These are the types of sunsets that are usually the most amazing, and this one did not disappoint. I kept walking around the stadium trying to find the perfect angle to photograph it from. I only had my 24-105mm on me, and I wanted something a bit wider to get everything in. Then I came up with the solution.

Using Lightroom To Make a Panoramic Image

I made a series of six images panning across the scene with the intent of merging them all inside of Lightroom. Having a way to merge a pano right inside of Lightroom really makes it easy. I chose the six files, and hit merge. The program did the rest for me. From there I have a nice TIF file to work with. This week at Indy I have an idea for a really cool pano. We will see if I can turn that idea into reality.

More Photos From the All Star Festivities

I put together some of my favorite photos from the Prospect League All Star game and home run derby into on Exposure page here. I really had a good time getting back onto a field photographing sports. A little time off did me good. This coming week I have three races on the list so the blog will be much more race centric towards the end of the week. If things go the way that I think that they can this could be an amazing week.



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