Singing the Day Away at Epcot

Catching an Impromptu Concert at Epcot

If you have followed this blog for long then you know that I love concert photography. That style really heavily influences how I make a lot of my photos. I have found that shooting concerts is the hardest part of photography for me to crack. I was very lucky with some breaks that made shooting sports much easier than it should have been. Concert photography is full of rules about ‘professional’ cameras in venues that prevent you from getting some shots from your seat. With that in mind when I saw this show starting at Epcot I made a point to make a photo of it. I found a spot where I liked the foreground and background and let the singers move into it. Here they all seemed to be just right.


One Reply to “Singing the Day Away at Epcot”

  1. Yes, indeed. Good picture of the singers respective placed, and involved; all in one perfect capture. It took me a while to get the exposures right for shooting concerts with a 200mm plus telephoto,(usually from pretty far back) realizing the auto camera features can’t handle to spotlighted subjects well. By shooting a hand full of manual exposures first, with high telephoto focusing, I’ve managed to get nice results for my own satisfaction. M 🙂

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