The Franklin Theatre

The Local Theatre in Franklin, Tennessee

When I booked my hotel just outside of Nashville, Tennessee the website told me to visit the town of Franklin which was just south of my location. I did a quick Google search of the town and saw that it had some unique buildings that would look great in some photos. With a morning to spare I made the trip to Franklin to check it out for myself. The town is exactly what I thought it would be when I saw the photos online. The people there take great pride in it by the way that they keep it up. It was early on a Monday morning, but the tourists were already out in full force. I saw this old time theatre on the main drag and knew that there was a picture here somewhere. With all of the cars out in front of the theatre I panned up a bit to show some of the beautiful sky overhead. This was probably the best weather of any of the days of my trip so why not show a little of it in my photos?


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