Dead and Company Perform at Klipsch Music Center

The Dead and Company Summer Tour

I never have really listened to the Grateful Dead. When I met my wife I knew that I would probably hear much more than I ever had before. Last year at about this time we watched the Fare Thee Well shows in Chicago together, and I found that I enjoyed a lot of their music. When I knew that we were going to this show part of my excitement was to see the people. As a photographer I really enjoy finding interesting people to photograph. This show was bound to deliver some of those to me. I think that time has mellowed some people out, and the fans have become much more diverse over time. I really only found a couple of really interesting subjects during the day. Maybe I was just not looking in the right places. The former members of the Dead along with some special guests really put on a good show. This is a summer tour that will be one to keep an eye on. It will be interesting to see just what becomes of the music of the Grateful Dead over time. Will new artists pick it up and keep it alive? From what I saw last night that is very possible.

Using the Canon Powershot G16 at a Concert

As I have said many times on this blog I cannot always take the equipment that I want into a show. I used to always envy those in the pit, but they only get about three songs a show to photograph. The interesting light usually comes near the end of the show. My go to camera for shows is the Canon Powershot G16. This is a little point and shoot camera that really gets the job done. I have full manual control over my settings which is important with the light at a rock show. This thing just keeps delivering for me time and time again. This month I had a photo published in a magazine that I made with the G16. It is the little camera that can.

Dead and Company at Klipsch Photo Gallery

Here are some photos that I liked from before the concert straight through to the encore. It was a fun day that made for some interesting photos.


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