The Chicago Skyline From Buckingham Fountain

Making the Tourist Shots on the Trey Ratcliff Photowalk

Last August I was able to go on a photowalk with a photographer who was a major influence on me when I first started taking this photography thing serious. A lot of what I do today is inspired in some way by Trey. This blog has many elements of his blog. At the time it was what I thought a photography blog should be. My photo style has evolved a little away from his, but the influence is still there. It was a treat to make photos alongside of him for a night. Trey has a very Zen way of making a photo. After spending a lot of time in high pressure sports scenarios that is a welcome change. As I make my travel photos I always try to go to a similar place to get into the scene a little. It is a great way to break away from the pressure of making sports images and turning them around as quickly as possible.

Making An HDR Image in 2016

When I first started following Trey and his work I used the same method that he did to make an HDR image. My three (or more) photos were taken into Photomatix to process them. Early on I would just do all of my processing in Photomatix. Then I evolved (through Trey’s videos) into a method where I combined elements of my HDR and the source files in Photoshop after I was done with Photomatix. Then I started just using Photomatix to make the 32 bit HDR file, and I would send that into Lightroom to work on it there. I learned the tip from Matt Kloskowski, and it really helped me make much more realistic looking HDR images. Now for the image above I just merged my three source images inside of Lightroom using their built in HDR software. From there I could choose how I wanted to edit the photo inside of the same program. This has sped up my workflow, and I am happy with the results.


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