Faces of Baseball

A Look at the Faces of Baseball

Sometimes things happen all at once that make you open your eyes to see something that has been in front of you the entire time. People always say that you need a side project to keep you going. I have never really forced such a thing. A project that is forced is one that will be abandoned. I have one that I have been compiling for a couple of years now, but it really has not been my passion. As I was heading to a baseball game on the road I was listening to an audiobook about the life of Babe Ruth. The cover of that book features a photo that was made by the great Charles Conlon. A couple of years ago I discovered his work, and was amazed. He captured the essence of baseball in the early part of the 20th century when few people were doing that. He was just having fun with a camera, but he gave us many of the images that we use still today. Once aspect of his work that really grabbed me was his portraits. He seemed to get up close and into the soul of the players. When you are on the road you have time to think about things so I paused the audiobook, and started thinking about what would become my special project. I decided that it was something to try, and you can see the results of my early work here at www.facesofbaseball.com.

Craig Biggio

Starting In Slow

I realized that I had something here, and I wanted to dive in headfirst. I decided to try and think some things out about how to go about the project. I didn’t want staged portraits. I wanted more candid shots on the field. It wasn’t until last Wednesday at Notre Dame that I really got excited about the project. I made a couple of images that I knew would make for interesting starting pieces for the website. The first was a portrait of Baseball Hall of Famer Craig Biggio that I made. Craig was one of my favorite ballplayers as I was growing up so it was very cool to have a shot of him for the project. The second was the portrait of former Governor Joe Kernan that you see at the top of the post. Joe has a very interesting story that also has a lot of baseball in it. After making the portraits of these two players I decided to speed up the process a little, and to start putting my work out into the open. I will not always post the images on this blog, but you can check out the project by going to www.facesofbaseball.com.

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