Purdue Takes #25 Minnesota To Extra Innings

Purdue Plays a Tough Game Against One of the Best Teams in the Conference

Last night after dinner I made my way out to Alexander Field to enjoy some baseball. I went out to the ballpark with one photo in mind to try. The pitchers were not really right for it so I settled on shooting some baseball. I also really wanted to see this team play again. It has been far too long for me. They played Minnesota very tough coming back to take the lead late. In the end though it was a tough one run loss in the tenth inning. This team is so close that you can feel it. At some point the luck has to turn in their favor.

Trying Out Some Multi-Exposures

Last night I went to the game with the idea of making a multi-exposure head on. A lot has been made lately about copying other photographers work on the Purdue campus lately, but I had a shot in mind from a baseball card of Nolan Ryan in the late 80’s. As I look back on how I shoot baseball I realize that a lot of what I think makes a good sports image comes from the Upper Deck cards of the late 80’s and early 90’s that I collected. The pitchers motion was not what I wanted to make the shot though. As I studied him I realized that he was an ideal candidate for the side multi-exposure image. I really think that I overdo this shot, but why not one more? With the right pitcher I think that you will see another multi-exposure in the near future.

Watching the Seniors Play Again

I did not get to the ballpark in time to see senior Gavin Downs pitch last night. With the season winding down I know that I only have a few opportunities left to watch this senior class play. This is the group that I first shot from on the field. A lot of my early successes as a photographer can be tied to this team. My first photo on the front page of the Purdue Sports website was of senior Jack Picchiotti. I don’t know that I will be able to make another game this year, but it was nice to see some of the seniors out there playing one more time. This is a class that came in when expectations for Purdue baseball were probably higher than they had ever been before. Through their play they have helped me achieve things that I never thought were possible. Hopefully they can go out with a nice six game winning streak to end their careers.


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