A Plains High School

Plains High School In Plains, Georgia

Part of the fun of my single life was combining two loves while on the road. I would go off and see a sporting event, but also combine some sort of Presidential history into the trip. On this trip for example the main focus was seeing Purdue play in a bowl game in Orlando. On the way down there I stopped at the Martin Luther King historical site as well as a couple of historical sites for Jimmy Carter. His library was interesting, but I loved the sites in Plains, Georgia the best. You can see some of my past posts from Plains by clicking here. Plains is an interesting town now because the have a whole new source of revenue with the tourists looking at the home of former President Jimmy Carter. His old high school for example has now been turned into a Presidential learning center. One room is made up though to appear as it did in 1937 when Jimmy was under the tutelage of Miss Julia Coleman. As I said a few days ago it always amazes me how some people come from so little to reach the highest office in the country. It really is amazing to see the humble roots that produce such powerful men. This trip was nearly ten years ago now. I really need to get back out and see some of the country again.

Back When the Old Stuff Was New

A few days ago I talked about using my Canon 60D and Tamron 10-24mm combination in Chicago. The photo above was made nearly ten years ago with my first dSLR, and the kit lens that came with it. I had the Canon Rebel XT that I bought on Ebay with the Canon 18-55mm lens that came with it. For years this was what I used. I didn’t think that I needed anything else for a long time. Now I have had a few cameras since that Rebel I realize that I still made some interesting photos despite my limitations. I do not wish that I had better equipment then, but I do wish that I had taken the time to learn my equipment. It is a real testament to the camera that I was able to come away with some interesting shots back then. Now I do a lot of the work to ensure that I have interesting photos. Back then I leaned heavily on the camera to do the work.

The Week In Photos

This week I have compiled some of my favorite shots into one Exposure post again. This summer I have taken on a little more work than usual, and the galleries should keep getting better just by the shear volume of events that I will be shooting. You can see that post here. This week at one point I had the post above scheduled for Sunday thinking that I would be rained out yet again with no images from a game that was not happening. As it turns out I shot an extra game this weekend giving me a few more images to use. This coming week if the weather holds out I have an ambitious schedule to follow. I have a few player assignments that I have to complete along with a fun shoot Saturday night. As the weather warms up so does my schedule.


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