Tyler Glasnow and the Indy Indians Defeat Norfolk 4-0

Alen Hanson

A Sunday at Victory Field

Yesterday I was back at Victory Field to cover the start of Indianapolis Indians pitcher Tyler Glasnow. On a beautiful day though I was very lucky to be able to photograph some baseball. Early on it was not too good of baseball as errors seemed to be the order of the day. I also made some headway on a side project that I have been working on. I will have more on that later, but I think that it will be interesting to more people than me. At least I hope that it will. This next week should have some more baseball in store for me. Right now I plan on shooting Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. If I can get the schedule worked out I would like to shoot Wednesday morning as well. It should be a fun week to make some images.

Tyler Glasnow

Pittsburgh Pirates Pitching Prospect Tyler Glasnow

Last season I was lucky enough to photograph the first Triple A start for Tyler Glasnow. He is the top prospect in the Pirates organization. The way that the schedule has shaken out so far I had missed every start that Tyler has had until yesterday. It was good to get out and photograph him again. I needed to get some coverage of him for MiLB.com so I spent some time making some photos of him from different angles. He is one of the top prospects in the Minors right now so the photos are in demand. If he keeps pitching the way that he did today he will get called up in no time. He needs to tweak a few things, but I think with time he will be a good one.
Jacob Stallings

The Week in Photos

Some of my favorite photos of the week have been posted on my Exposure page here. This was an interesting week that saw me get out of my comfort zone to cover a campaign rally. I really had fun at the rally, and I wish that more candidates had made their way near me. The gallery is full of baseball photos, but I started the look back knowing that I would have a lot of baseball photos this summer to post. It should be a fun summer with the photos getting better and better as we go.


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