Reflections in the Bean

Virtually Visiting One Of My Favorite Tourist Spots Again

Whenever I visit Chicago I try and make it to the Bean. It is one of my favorite tourist traps to visit. I have been there at all times of day with many different sized crowds. Here I went early in the morning on a weekday for one of my first trips to the Bean. I wanted to have it all to myself to play around with it a little. I made this photo back in March of 2012, but I never have posted it until now. Some shots I hold on to for a while until I find a processing style that I like for it. This is one of those shots. I went into the processing with the idea of making a Ansel Adams type edit to it. I wanted rich blacks and whites here. In the end it turned out pretty good I think.

The MiLB Photos of the Week

For the second time this season I have some photos in the MiLB photos of the week. Last year I was lucky enough to win the MiLB Photo of the Year, and my challenge to myself this year was to make it into the Photos of the Week each week. This week I have three photos in the gallery. You can view that gallery here.  It is a huge honor to have my images in the gallery with some great baseball photographers. Over the last couple of weeks my status for the season may have changed a bit. I will have a lot more free time to go out and visit other MiLB parks this summer. This could  be a great year to see some baseball all over the Midwest.


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