Indy Indians Close Out the Homestand With a Win

Jung Ho Kang

Indy Defeats Toledo 7-2 to Finish Out Their First Homestand

Yesterday I was back in Indy to photograph the final game of this initial homestead for the Indy Indians. It was a good day for the Indians, and their lineup looked great pregame. This is a good team, and the addition of Jung Ho Kang who is on rehabilitation assignment could only help the team. Indy came out firing, and built a 5-0 lead over the Mud Hens. After seeing the tying run at the plate in the top of the eighth inning the Indians hit back to back home runs to put the game in their hands in the bottom of the eighth inning. This was a fun homestead. I knew that this gig would be a fun one this summer, but this first week has even exceeded my expectations for how fun it could be. I can’t wait to get back to Victory Field again. My next baseball game is at Victory Field, but not for the Indians. I will be covering the Notre Dame Fighting Irish as they take on the Indiana Hoosiers. Last year Notre Dame hired me to shoot them in their game at Victory Field as well. It was my first trip to the stadium, and I realized that I want to shoot there a lot. This year I will get that chance.

Jung Ho Kang

Jung Ho Kang Has His Own Media Coverage

I knew that Jung Ho Kang was a big deal playing in Indy, but I didn’t realize just how much of a big deal it was until I made my way to the ballpark. I saw a lot of extra media there just for Kang. I went down into the locker room tunnel prior to the game to watch his own press conference. He really did bring some extra eyes to the Indians for the past few days, and that is a good thing.

Danny Ortiz

Playing With the Light

While waiting for the Kang press conference I was looking around at the different light situations in the tunnel leading out to the field. I was at the ballpark much earlier in the day than I normally will be. The light is completely different, and I had an idea for a photo. There is a small hitting room just before you get to the dugout that had some light spilling into it. A couple of bats stood up against the wall as if someone had planned this shot out for me. I found a good spot to sit, and I waited. I probably waited twenty minutes before the first player came through. I had my camera set up, and I started making images of the players as they came through the room. As any person would most people looked over at the man kneeling in the dark with a camera. The Danny Ortiz walked through the room. He strode through the room confidently, and I knew that I had my photo. Every day that I enter Victory Field I want to do something different. Here the light worked out just right for me to make an interesting photo.

Bonus Photos

Below are a few other photos that I liked from the day. It was another day spent mainly shooting for the baseball card set, but I still made some good images in that time. I also have had a photo from last week that made the MiLB Photos of the Week post on their blog. You can find that gallery here.

Chad Kuhl
Gift Ngoepe

Willy Garcia
Alen Hanson
Jung Ho Kang
Lloyd McClendon
Jung Ho Kang
Argenis Diaz
Jason Rogers
Antoan Richardson, Willy Garcia
Jared Hughes
Wynton Bernard


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