Indianapolis Indians vs. Toledo Mud Hens

Alen Hanson

The Indy Indians drops a tight one to the Toledo Mud Hens

After a couple of days away I was back at Victory Field yesterday to see the Indians play again. The more I shoot here the more I find positions that I really like. I still have a couple that I would like to try for a more unique look, but the situation has not come up to use them yet. I am also starting to get to know the players a bit as well which helps. You know what to look for when they are at bat and on the bases. This is going to be a fun season in Indy, and it is just beginning. The first homestead of the year wraps up today at one o’clock. The early start should allow me to photograph two baseball games tomorrow if the weather holds up for me. We will see how that works out.

Alen Hanson

A Different Shooting Philosophy

Yesterday was not all about shooting peak action the way that I normally would. I was working on the baseball card set so I had my camera vertical much more than I normally do for baseball. It results in a much smaller take than normal for me as far as action is concerned, but a larger overall take when it comes to the stock images for the cards. Of course the images that I will show here for the most part are the normal horizontal look that I prefer. I spent some time late in the game playing the guessing game behind home plate. I was rewarded a couple of times including the shot above of Alen Hanson fielding a ball that I quite like.

Josh Bell

Photos of the Week

As I have been doing I have compiled some of my favorite photos from the past week in one post on my Exposure page. This has been an amazing week with the Indy Indians finally starting their season, a great softball game, and a fun morning on the golf course. This was a fun week, and it will be hard to top it next week. The fun will be in trying to top it. You can take a visual look back at my week here. This coming week as of right now I have three events that I will blog about, and they are all midweek.


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