Purdue Walks Off Against Ohio in 15

Alec Olund Walks Off a Hero in Extras

I am really in trouble. I may have seen the best baseball game that I will see this season in my third game of the year. Yesterday Purdue and Ohio played a great fifteen inning game that was full of moments that could have been the deciding moment. The teams went to extras because of a Kyle Wood solo home run in the 8th. After both teams squandered chances to end this cold game Alec Olund finished it in a very dramatic way. With two outs in the 15th the fans settled in for another inning. A single followed by a bad throw to first put a runner on third for Purdue. A batter was intentionally walked to get to Olund. With two outs you normally don’t bunt. That must have been what the Ohio defense was thinking. They were playing back to get the force at first or second to end the inning. Olund laid down a perfect bunt past the diving pitcher and in front of the third baseman. Nick Dalesandro raced home to secure the win for Purdue. The Purdue bench then mobbed Olund near the pitchers mound in a great celebration. It was a big win for Purdue who tries to take the series today in Kokomo.

Trying Some New Angles

Yesterday I found a couple of new places to shoot from. I wanted to tell the story from a different angle. It seems like I was rewarded both times that I went to my spot. Kokomo Municipal Stadium has a little section that allows me to shoot from an angle that is nearly down the third base line, but from about the middle of the line. From that position I made some of my favorite images of the day. I may have to revisit it today.

Giving the Outfielders Their Due

At times I feel that outfielders are like the defensive positions in soccer or hockey. They really don’t get much coverage in their area. I wanted to try and get some better fielding photos so I went to the outfield to do so. When you do that you end up with some photos of the fielders with their head down fielding a grounder, or their head up high fielding a pop up. Every now and then though you are rewarded with a shot like the one above. I was photographing the batter when he hit a shot to left. I panned over just in time to catch Nick Dalesandro diving for the ball. It was a good play to end the inning, and one of my favorite photos of the day.

Bonus Photos

You can find my Purdue gallery from the game on their Exposure page here. Some of my images for the Ohio baseball club can be found on their website here as well. Shooting for both teams can really be an interesting experience. You can’t sit on one thing for so long as you need coverage of both teams. I enjoyed photographing the Ohio team in the NCAA Tournament last year, and of course I always enjoy photographing Purdue. This season has started off with the three teams that I have shot the most over the last year. A little familiarity with the teams helps a bit as you know some of the tendencies. That helps shake the rust off a little bit faster.


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