Purdue Baseball vs. Ohio Game 1

Back at Kokomo Municipal Stadium

Last summer I shot a number of games for the Kokomo Jackrabbits of the Prospect League at Kokomo Municipal Stadium. It is a nice stadium that is still in the process of being completed. After a few months off it was good to be back in the stadium shooting baseball again. As the game started the light was really amazing on most of the field. As with most parks the batter’s box was the first to go into the shade. The light slowly started to fall off of the players, but the action did not stop. This was a game that was exciting until the last out. Both teams kept fighting until the very end. If this is an indication of what the series will be like I am in for a treat.

Shooting For Two Teams

One sport that is fairly easy to shoot for both sides is baseball. Part of what I love about the sport is the time that you have to think in between plays. That allows you to move around a bit to capture what you need to capture. The one thing that I find that I do not do too well is to send photos. There is always something to capture or a place to move to. Baseball is the one sport that I need to come up with a better plan of getting my images out. Today is another day, and a chance to get better at that.

Bonus Photos

I have a couple of places to direct you to today for photos from the game. Purdue Athletics has an Exposure gallery of my images up here. Purdue has some great photographers, and I love getting the chance to have my work shared with theirs. You can also visit the Ohio Bobcats website to see some of my work for them.


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