Sergio the Mime at Epcot

Taking in the Performance of Sergio the Mime

While we were taking a break in Italy one day we saw a man walk by us with a whistle and a very small gondola. He stopped and put a rope line down on the ground, and my daughter and I had a front row seat to see Sergio the mime perform. He put on a great little show, and the kids just ate it up. My daughter was only two at the time, but she was clapping along and laughing at his antics. He even gave her one of his soccer balls to be part of a gag. I was so into the show that I really did not make many photos of Sergio. Near the end I realized that this was one of the great moments of our trip so I pulled out my camera to make a photo.

When the Unexpected Becomes a Memory

All throughout your trip at Disney you have things that you have signed up for in advance. You want to have a FastPass to see Anna and Elsa. You want all of your dining taken care of as soon as you can. You plan many things in advance of your trip to Orlando. The thing that often produces the best memories though is the things that you did not plan for. This performance by Sergio was one of those moments. These little things are part of what Disney does so well. I went from a skeptic last June into a Disney fan in a hurry. This is a well oiled machine that really impresses me with all of the attention to detail.


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