Big Ten Swimming and Diving Championships Day Three

Day Three in the Pool in West Lafayette

Over the course of the last three days I have really gained an appreciation for what these swimmers are doing. I have never really been into swimming. That is no knock on the sport. It is what you were exposed to in your life. I grew up in a house where baseball was king, and football was around there somewhere. In shooting sports though I have come into contact with sports that I have not really seen before. Most of the time those are quick one off shoots where you kind of fly by the seat of your pants. Shooting swimming for three straight days has allowed me to let some of it sink in, and it really is amazing what these men are doing out there. When you look at how violently the water is moving in front of them you realize just how much force they are exerting. On a college campus usually basketball and football rule the scene. They are the big sports that draw the biggest crowds. Often though some of the best individual performances occur away from those large crowds. I wish that everyone that fills Ross Ade Stadium could see what I have seen over the last few days. This really is an awesome sport.

Finding a Different View

After shooting for a couple of days I started to feel like I was heading to the same places to make my photos. I decided to try and change things up a little. Everyone wants to see the butterfly head on. I think that getting up close on the side you can really see the violent water churning up around the athlete. I tried a few new things just to change things up a bit. I only shot the morning session so the emotional shots were not quite there. A couple of times something big happened, and I was there to capture it, but it was a quiet morning there.

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