Purdue Women’s Basketball vs. Michigan

Back in Mackey to See the Purdue Women Play Again

This is the time of the year when you start to realize that you have limited opportunities to see the seniors play. Purdue only plays at home two more times this year. Part of me wants to make the trip to Iowa city to see the team play, but I don’t know how much I would enjoy watching the game from the stands after being on the court for so long now. Two more games to see some seniors that I have really enjoyed watching. One thing about college sports is that it constantly reminds you of just how fast time goes by. It does not seem like that long ago that I was watching a new crop of freshman play. Now they have a couple of home games left.

Photographing Basketball with the Canon 85mm f/1.8 Lens

Today I loaned out my 70-200mm to a friend who was shooting the game, and I took his 85mm lens to try out a bit. At first I put it on my secondary camera to see what it would do. I liked the results enough I put it on my main camera for a while to play with. It really looks great when you hit the focus at f/2. When you miss though you miss big. By the time the second half rolled around I was playing around with something else, and forgot all about my 85mm experiment. At this point of the season it is fun to play around with some primes to force yourself out of the rut that you can get into.

The Camera on the Ground

I have been playing around with my main camera the past couple of games and putting it on the ground. I could do this and use a remote to fire it while I shoot my main camera, but I have been following the action with it. If the play goes to the corner near me I move over to get that. If the play happens right under the basket I can move to get that also. This has been a fun way to spice up my shots a little. I really only used to do it during free throws when I had time to line it up. What I found is that game action especially right at the hoop looks amazing from the floor.

The Photos of the Week

For the past month or so now I have been posting some of my favorite photos from the past week on my Exposure page. Last week I had kind of a slow week, and I was not too happy with the post. Sometimes you run into problems where you have photos that you cannot release for a while if at all that you love, but can’t show. Last week that was part of the problem. This week though I had a ton of fun making images. I shot two basketball games, a hockey game, some tennis, and a couple of days of bald eagle action. If only every week could be this fun. This coming week has the potential for me to make some interesting shots. I think that I will be hard pressed to beat the fun that I had this past week. Anyway if you want to check out the post click here. I have included a few more shots from the Purdue women’s game against Michigan in that post as well.


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