#51 Purdue Tennis Defeats #43 DePaul

Shooting at the Schwartz Tennis Center

Shooting indoor tennis is not ideal. The light is not the best. It is not very consistent either. What is fun is capturing the emotion of a tennis match. It is a long dual that takes a lot out of the players. As they fatigue each point seems to mean more, and they really emote more it seems like. I have been wanting to shoot more tennis lately, but it just has not worked out that I could. Yesterday worked perfectly for me to go out and have some fun shooting tennis.

Playing With the Canon 1DX Multi Exposure Function

One thing that I love about my Canon gear is the in camera multi exposure function. You can really have some fun creating some photos that you would spend some time in Photoshop doing. This feature dates back to a time when Photoshop did not exist. You would just expose the same frame multiple times to achieve the desired result. I noticed that at time the players heads stayed in the same spot during a hit. I decided to give it a go to see if I could get a good multi there. It did not work so well, but the serve is much like the delivery of a pitch. With the right serve you could get something really cool. I really liked this photo of the serve. You kind of get a little of everything in one photo. I usually only use the multi exposure function with baseball, but I have been trying to see where it fits in with other sports.

Slowing Down the Shutter

When I started shooting I dreamt of equipment that would allow me to shoot clean, crisp images in bad light. Of course now that I have that equipment I make blurry photos on purpose. I don’t think that I would ever submit these to anyone, but they are a cool way to show the motion of the swing. I think that this was made at 1/25th of a second. As I went through my images I realized that an abstract image with an even slower shutter speed would be even better. Next time out I will have to try that.


More From the Matches

Below I have included a few more photos that I liked from the matches yesterday. I really had a lot of fun experimenting after I got some of the shots that I was there to get. I don’t know when I will be able to get back to shoot more tennis, but I hope that it is soon.

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