The Instagrams of Walt Disney World

Having Fun With Instagram While on Vacation

This year we took a trip down to Walt Disney World at the end of the year. I enjoy using Instagram, and I really use it while on vacation. Sometimes I see something where I don’t think that I need to make an image with my dSLR so I just use my phone. It is a way to get creative with the device that I have with me. Other times I use the phone to show off a location that I think is pretty cool. Looking through my Instagram photos from the trip I can see about half of them are just iPhone shots, and the other half are things that I was making a serious image of with my dSLR, but I wanted to share what I found right away. As I did with my summer vacation Instagram photos I thought that I would share a few of them here for you to see. You can also find a couple of hidden Mickey’s if you look closely at a couple of the photos.

Follow Me On Instagram

As I was making these images in December I had a thought of starting another photo 365 project, but with Instagram. If I was at a place like Walt Disney World everyday that would be easy. The truth of the matter is though that I don’t lead that interesting of a life to have something to share with the world everyday. In 2011 and 2012 I had a photo 365 project that really forced me to look outside of the box with my photography. While I agree that it was a very good thing for me it also was a huge undertaking to make something good everyday. I do not think that I accomplished that all of the time. I think that my standards of what makes a good image has changed a lot since that time. What I have done though is made a decision to post a photo to Instagram every day. It may be one of my older images, or it may be something that I am currently doing. Follow me on Instagram @pinolaphoto to see what I have been posting. I have found that I have been much more engaging on the platform when I am posting on it everyday.

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