Book Review: Hockey’s Greatest Photos by Bruce Bennett


Looking Through the Photos of Bruce Bennett

If you want to know more about hockey photography you should probably start your quest for knowledge with the work of Bruce Bennett. I have watched him talk about hockey photography many times thanks to the internet, but now with his new book out you can go through some of the greatest images of hockey ever made. Of course one photographer could not possibly have made all of the best images over the course of a sport, but Bruce has made many memorable images over the course of his career. I don’t want to take away from his work by posting it here, but a quick Google search for Bruce Bennett and hockey will bring up some amazing images. I was very pleased to get this book, and with some hockey on my agenda to shoot it does not hurt to look at more images of the sport. I like to really study images of a sport to see why some look better to me than others do. Looking through a book like this one many images stick out. Of course a young Gretzky on the cover is a great image that not a lot of people have. As you flip through the book you realize that because of his ability to capture the action on the ice he also has gained their trust in the studio. Some of the portraits are of people out their norm, but they look very comfortable there. It takes a gifted photographer to put up the body of work that you see in this book. This has been a long and fruitful career for Bruce Bennett. This book showcases the work that made him one of the most revered hockey photographers out there.

Bruce is an artist who could easily rest on his merits now. He is still out there innovating though. His infrared series of hockey images inspired me to give it a try myself. He is still innovating and working hard to make the best images possible. Right now you can click here and order his book for around $23 at the time of this writing. That is really a steal for this book in hardcover form. What are you waiting for? Click on the link to order one of the best hockey books that I have seen in a while.


2 Replies to “Book Review: Hockey’s Greatest Photos by Bruce Bennett”

  1. Hi Dave, Thank you for taking the awesome photos of the Boilermaker Hockey Game on the weekend. My son plays on the team and it brought him closer to home (Northern BC Canada) for us.

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