Lunch With a Castle View

Eating Lunch in Tomorrowland

On our last day at the Magic Kingdom we decided to try something different for lunch. We ate in Tomorrowland. The food of tomorrow is very much like the food of today. In fact I did not notice a difference. I guess that we have reached the peak of what we can do with food. The view from our table was amazing though. Tables were hard to come by at first, but luckily for me this one opened up. Instead of eating I spent most of my time looking out the window. I finally brought out my camera to make a picture of the scene in front of me. It was a thick window which I thought might ruin the view, but in the end I quite like it. It is a great reminder of a fantastic spot for lunch. You also get an nearly person free view of the castle which is hard to come by.

The Future of the Sports Posts

Yesterday I featured a post about the great women’s basketball game that I attended the night before. I had a blast shooting the game, and I was looking forward to shooting another game as soon as possible. For some reason though my women’s basketball posts fall flat. I had thoughts of heading to Columbus to cover the Boilers game against #5 Ohio State tomorrow, but it is hard to justify the time spent when the posts don’t go over well. I don’t know what has happened. In the past the women’s basketball posts have gone over very well. This year though they have not. At some point I have to look at the time spent coming up with the material against the return. I love Purdue women’s basketball so I may attend many more games this year, but unless something changes I may just attend as a fan. This is part of a trend that I noticed last year, but kept ignoring as I wanted to keep posting about a sport I love. The hour or so to put up the Exposure page seems a bit excessive when you see the total views on it. Certain sports at Purdue do very well while others do not. Today I will be shooting track and field again for Purdue. Historically those posts are great. Men’s basketball posts do well historically as well. Maybe my audience just does not prefer the women’s side of the sport. If that is the case then I think you guys are missing out. What do you think? Should the sports posts keep coming? If so which sports do you enjoy seeing on the blog. Leave me a message in the comments.

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