The Legend of the Magic Lamp

What Is Your Wish?

While at Disney we spent a lot of time in lines. Sometimes to see a Princess you need to get into a line before the line has started. When we saw Aladdin and Jasmine that was the case. I was just starting to see where the visit would occur over an hour before it happened when the line started to form. I quickly found a place in the line so that the kids could see their heroes up close and personal. Once the doors open you find yourself in another line as you wait for the people in front of you to have their time. You could get upset about this time in line, but you realize that everyone gets quality time with the characters at Disney. The time is spent in line for a very good reason so you might as well make the most of it. Here was a quick shot that I made in that line to see the characters of Aladdin just before we made our way to the front. They had the book that opened the movie on a table in some interesting light. I read the book to my step daughter and then snapped this photo. Sometimes it is these little detail shots that really help bring back the memories of a trip.

Making Wishes Come True

Tomorrow the Powerball drawing occurs again. The estimates say that the jackpot could payout over $1.3 billion dollars. Think about that for a second. What could you do with such a large sum of money? Would you donate it? Well you would donate a large sum of it right away when you pay your taxes on it. That would get that total to well under a billion. You still could do quite a bit with such a large chunk of change. At some point in the coming days someone or a group of people will hit the jackpot. It will be interesting to see what they do with all of the money, and how it changes them. Sometimes you are living your wish, and what you think you need will just complicate things.


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