Getting Some Air

Janae’ Moffitt Wins the High Jump at the Gene Edmonds Cup

One of the events that I don’t get to cover much is the high jump. It seems as if Purdue has not really had a high jumper competing at the events that I have covered for them so far. I was exciting to photograph the event this past weekend while covering the Gene Edmonds Cup. The only high jumper for Purdue was Janae’ Moffitt. I knew that the background was not great from the floor so I ran up to the second level to photograph Janae’ as she attempted her jumps. I wanted as clean of a background as I could get. A gap in the schedule allowed me the chance to do this. This was a big day for Janae’, and I was glad that I was able to be there to capture it for her. Track and field can be very interesting to cover. Sometimes you have time to craft a photo, and other times you have to rush around to get what you can of all of the events. Here I was glad that I had the time to make the photo that I was thinking of. I captured her at about the same moment later from the floor as I was covering two other events, but it did not look nearly as good to me. You can view more of my photos from the event here on the Purdue Exposure page.

A Change of Plans

Today I had planned to post a blog about the Purdue women’s basketball game against Indiana. It promised to be memorable for many reasons. A sudden change of plans meant that I would not be covering the event so I had a hole in my schedule. I really wanted to post the photo of Janae’ anyway so it gave me a great opportunity to do so. Purdue has a great Exposure page up celebrating the win as well at the 207th win of coach Sharon Versyp’s career. That win moved her into sole position as the winningest coach in Purdue women’s basketball history. You can view that Exposure page here.


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